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Please download Zoom and then click on a link below to join a virtual class. 

IMPORTANT: Please update your Zoom settings before joining a class.

Instructions for setting up your Zoom software for music class:

1) Log on to your Zoom account online at In the left–hand column of options there is the selection ‘Settings.’ Click on this and there is a list; the item you’re searching for is ‘Show in-meeting option to Enable Original Sound from microphone.’ If this isn’t set you won’t have the selection in a meeting ‘Turn on Original Sound‘ box. This needs to be done before the meeting starts, but only ever needs to be done once for all meetings.

2) Then, while you’re in a meeting, because the audio settings aren’t available outside of meetings on some platforms. At the bottom left-hand corner of the screen is an icon of a microphone and an upward–pointing arrow (‘^‘). Click on the arrow and a menu of options will populate. The one you want is the bottom one: ‘Audio Settings…‘. Click on this and you’ll get a screen full of settings. Clear the setting of X’s or check marks near the selection that says ‘Automatically adjust microphone volume.’

3) At the bottom right-hand corner is a button labelled ‘Advanced‘, which takes you to another screen full of settings. Towards the top of this is the selection ‘Show in–meeting option to Enable Original Sound from microphone‘. Make sure it has a check or x next to it. You should also set both ‘Suppress Persistent Background Noise‘ and ‘Suppress Intermittent Background Noise‘ to ‘Disable.’

Monday 6:00 PM CST – Beginning Piano

Presented in cooperation with Lighthouse Louisiana.

Tuesday 4:30 PM CST – Frets

With Eduardo Leiva

Tuesday 7:30 PM CST – Piano para Principiantes

With Eduardo Leiva

Wednesday 6:00 PM CST – Vocal Workshop

With Jane Harvey Brown

Thursday 6:00 PM CST – Beginning Piano

Presented in cooperation with Lighthouse Louisiana.

Thursday 7:30 PM CST – Beginning Partimento

Beginning Partimento is a class for aspiring composers and improvisers. Students are introduced to the application of Essential Motions; The Rule of the Octave; Moti; Scale Mutations; and Suspensions. Students will learn to realize and produce their own partimenti; this will provide the aspiring student with the best tools necessary for personal musical growth.