LPC is a non-profit organization dedicated to reviving the classical art of partimento. We can’t wait to make music together with you!

All courses are currently being taught via Zoom. Our weekly schedule is as follows.

Monday 5:00 pm – Beginning Guitar

Meeting ID: 894 9972 9648
Password: 00810

Tuesday 5:00 pm – Beginning Singing

Meeting ID: 856 3148 3469
Password: 043350

Wednesday 5:00 pm – Beginning Bass

Meeting ID: 841 2571 1752
Password: 082128

Thursday 5:00 pm – Beginning Piano

The piano is the whole orchestra at your fingertips and there’s more to it than learning Fur Elise. Learn to play piano the way the composers learned and taught, the way to make music flow out of you as an expression of yourself. The way begins with Essential Motions and The Rule of the Octave.

Meeting ID: 890 2184 1397
Password: 001995

Thursday 7:30 pm – Beginning Partimento

Partimento I is a class for aspiring composers and improvisers. Students are introduced to the application of Essential Motions; The Rule of the Octave; Moti; Scale Mutations; and Suspensions. Students will learn to realize and produce their own partimenti; this will provide the aspiring student with the best tools necessary for personal musical growth.

Meeting ID: 883 4348 3981
Password: 067527

Friday 5:00 pm – Beginning Drumming

Meeting ID: 819 4287 9922
Password: 054109

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